Green Mountain Solar


Customers of Vermont Electric Co-op have the opportunity to enroll in the Flexible Load Program. Through this program, VEC essentially pays you to use your stored electricity during peak energy demand events, ensuring a more sustainable future and lowering electricity costs for all Vermonters. Work with us to purchase your home battery system and join the Flexible Load Program.


Vermont Electric Co-Op customers, get started by filling out the form below and get the peace of mind of a battery backup system.

(Not a VEC customer? Visit our battery page for more options)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Flexible Load program work?

You purchase and own your battery. During peak events (when our electricity demand exceeds what the utility can typically provide), instead of turning to dirty fossil fuels to close the gap, your electric company will draw from clean energy stored in your battery. You have complete control over how much energy you provide during a peak event.

What if my power goes out? Will the electric company still pull from my battery?

No, they will only borrow power based on your specifications and based on the weather. So if it looks like a storm could cause the power to go out, your electrical company will not draw from your battery.

What Battery do you install for this program?

We currently install the Tesla Powerwall. 

Are the batteries free?

No, you purchase and own your own battery. You are simply allowing the utility to discharge the energy to the grid when energy demands are high.