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Solar for Businesses

Solar Benefits for Business

Solar is good for your bottom line—in more ways than one. Here are some upsides to consider:

• Cut your overhead costs. Electricity doesn't have to be a fixed line-item in your budget forever. We'll size your system to cover your power needs.

• Earn a well-deserved green reputation. Whether being eco-friendly has long been part of your business ethos or a new priority you're working to build, going solar is an excellent way to demonstrate that you truly care for our planet. Tapping into this renewable resource is a great way to shrink your carbon footprint.

• Energy resilience. When you add back-up energy storage, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your business will always be running. That means you'll have power for refrigeration, security systems, the internet and other pieces of crucial equipment. 

• Gain financial incentives. See below for more details.

Solar Incentives for Businesses

Businesses can take advantage of the 26% Federal Tax Credit. It operates as a credit against your tax liability.

Vermont also has a 6.24% State Investment Tax Credit. Any unused tax credit can be carried forward for up to five years. You can also earn 87% depreciation of the system's value in incentives.

Small Business Solar Loans
through VSECU

Our lending partner, VSECU, offers Green Mountain Solar business customers a competitive small business loan. 

• Rates start at 4.24%

• Loans available up to $60,000 

• No money down, other than a small deposit

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