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Brainpower in Burlington: Major Creative Agency Gets Powered by the Sun

Solar panels generating energy for Select in Burlington Vermont installed by Green Mountain Solar

Global creative and design agency, Select, is now powering its innovation with the sun, thanks to 273 panels installed by Green Mountain Solar, the Williston-based solar company.

The newly installed 103.74 kW array at the company’s Burlington South End headquarters at the Stack 208 property ensures that 100% of its electricity needs will be solar-powered. Combined with a previously installed array, it brings Select's solar to 143 kW.

“As an agency, we’re obsessed with creative problem-solving, and we view our solar arrays as just one more example of that obsession,” says Rich Price, Director of Brand Services. “We take a lot of pride in being 100% renewable, and it’s a journey that started with our first 42kW array in 2010. As part of our effort to reduce our energy needs, we’ve also added high-efficiency rooftop units and transitioned to 100% LED lighting throughout the building.”

The Stack 208 system is made of 273 Q CELLS panels with Enphase Microinverters.

The benefits of going solar, from a business perspective, go beyond slashing the electric bill: It plays an important role in communicating Select’s values. “We’re lucky to live and work in Burlington and Vermont,” says Price, “and we view this milestone [of being 100% renewable] as being consistent with the values of this great place and community.” He adds that having solar has also been an asset for attracting forward-thinking talent who want to work for a company that walks the walk.

“More and more, companies are recognizing that solar comes with a wide array of benefits, and not only for the planet. It also makes good business sense,” says Paul Lesure, President of Green Mountain Solar. “We were honored that we were chosen to install the solar panels on the Stack 208 building and for the opportunity to bring our own innovation to Burlington’s South End. We hope that Select’s reputation as a trailblazer will inspire more companies to become disruptors in their own industries by going solar.”


Green Mountain Solar: Green Mountain Solar is a solar installation company based in Williston, Vermont. They install roof- and ground-mounted solar, high-efficiency HVAC, and battery backup technology. Their goal is to provide the best solar experience in Vermont. With significant industry knowledge and experience, they excel at finding the best resilient energy system for their commercial, municipal, and residential customers.

Select: Select is a brand development partner to some of the world’s most beloved brands (including E&J Gallo, General Mills, PepsiCo, Dunkin’).


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