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Green Mountain Solar partners with Vermont Works for Women!



This spring we partnered with Vermont Works for Women (VWFW) to host two interns through their Trailblazers Program! During the last two weeks of April, Christina and Morgen, joined our team for a few days to learn the ins and outs of solar installations. Not only did they spend time on-site at installs, but also attended site visits with Solar Advisors and stopped by the office to see what happens behind the scenes. Keep reading to learn more about the organization, this amazing program, and Christina's experience with GMS!

About VWFW 

Since 1987, VWFW has been working to make Vermont an equitable place where people of all gender identities have equal access to job opportunities. The organization offers a variety of programs and services aimed at helping women, girls, and gender-expansive individuals grow and thrive in their workplaces and schools. The organization was founded on the belief that women should be able to choose the line of work they want to go into, regardless of gender stereotypes or biases. 

About the Trailblazers Program 

One of the many programs offered by VWFW is the Trailblazers program, which connects women and gender-expansive individuals 18 years and older with internships at local construction and renewable energy businesses. Of course, as a renewable energy company, we were so excited to learn about this program and to welcome two interns to our team! 

The program is designed to prepare interns for jobs in the renewable energy and construction industries through paid hands-on experience in the field in male-dominated fields. The program creates safe, judgement-free spaces for them to learn new skills. 

Our very own GMS Project Coordinator, Nicole Pastore, is a graduate of the program. “Trailblazers was a great experience for me. I met some wonderful people and built a strong foundation of knowledge of the solar industry and other renewable energy career fields. I felt like I was handed a bucket of confidence to enter the trades with. It has provided me some great opportunities and I can't say enough great things about Vermont Works for Women,” she said. 

To prepare, all employers hosting interns are required to complete a 90-minute Gender Equity training to ensure they foster welcoming work environments. 

“The gender equity training was extremely helpful and informative and provided a necessary and positive experience for the company. We are excited to support the growth of women in trades,” said our Operations Manager, Cameron Maurer.  

Meet Christina, one of our interns!

Christina became interested in the Trailblazer Program after reading about it on a resource sheet from United Way. “I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn some new trade skills, for example power tools and basic DIY projects. When I had the option to do a shadowing at GMS, I thought it would be a good industry to learn about,” she said. 

For Christina, the highlights of her experience were getting up on a roof and learning about Tesla PowerWalls. After completing the Trailblazer Program, she plans to use the skills she’s gained in her everyday life and hopes to find an opportunity to utilize and grow her knowledge in the future.  

All of us at GMS really enjoyed having Christina on the team for a few days and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!  

Click here to learn more about VWFW and the amazing work they do in our community!

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