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Solar Panels

All Solar Panels we offer are warrantied for 25 Years.


LG has applied its experience in pioneering electronics development to create remarkable solar panels. The LG NeON® R is a premium solar module that provides high power output and performance. The module's cell structure increases its potential for light absorption. It features durability under real-world conditions, a 25-year limited warranty and a sleek design.

Q Cells
Q Cell

For the cost-conscious. For environmentalists. For energy pioneers. Put your trust in Q CELLS, a global leader in solar research and development. Their Q.ANTUM technology is designed to perform  whether it's the peak of summer or a cloudy winter day. - Q.ANTUM technology supercharges ordinary crystalline solar cells and modules, without special system components.


For a truly resilient energy system, our battery storage options ensure that your home can continue to run on renewable solar power- even when the rest of the grid is experiencing an outage.


Green Mountain Solar is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. Powerwall is designed to maximize your home's energy independence. It offers seamless back-up protection and has various customizable run modes so you can choose when and how you draw from your battery.

Ensemble system

The Enphase Ensemble system offers great flexibility in storage size options. Available in increments as small as 3.36 kWh, these systems can be scaled to meet your needs. And battery monitoring is included in the same Enlighten tracking used with the Enphase microinverters.


Panels generate energy in the form of direct current, but our homes run on alternating current. The converters job is to turn the DC current into its usable, AC form.


Enphase Microinverters get you more power from the same solar panels. Each microinverter connects to a single solar panel so, if there is a dirty, shaded, or problem panel, the rest of the system keeps running smoothly. Plus, Enphase allows you to track the production of each and every panel on your phone or computer. Learn More Here

Enphase microinverters

Solar Design Options

roof-mounted solar panels in Vermont


ground-mounted solar panels in Vermont


carport mounted solar panels in Vermont

Carports and Canopies

What's right for you?

Every home or business has different energy needs. At Green Mountain Solar, we're here to find the right solution for you. Schedule a free site visit today. We'll help you determine your best options, and design a system to provide you a clean, reliable, and affordable solar solution!

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