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Tune-in: Hear about Green Mountain Solar’s Sales Process on the Cracking the Cash Flow Podcast

When we promise “no hard sales,” what do we really mean? Green Mountain Solar’s Paul Lesure explains our solar process on Josh Patrick’s Cracking the Cash Flow podcast. 

20220729_154940606_iOSBack in June, Green Mountain Solar worked closely with Josh Patrick and his family during a solar installation for his home. Josh is also the author of a Podcast called Cracking the Cash Flow. Cracking the Cash Flow dives deep into financially sustainable business and marketing concepts.  

After the installation of his 18.4 kW system with 46 Hanwha Q-cell panels with a 27kW Tesla Powerwall backup battery, Josh graciously asked Green Mountain Solar President, Paul Lesure, to be his next guest on Cracking the Cash Flow to discuss how our relatively young company has created a cohesive and comprehensive sales process. Paul gives kudos to the Green Mountain Solar team for helping him develop and grow the best possible sales process. He details how the company started with a customer- and education-first approach that remained and expanded as the company grew with each new installation and hire.  

“We never want anyone to be in the dark,” says Paul. “We work across all teams at every stage of the process to ensure that communication is happening.” He continues “We want our customers to feel a part of the team, not to be to cliché, but a part of the GMS family.”  

 During the podcast, Paul reiterates that although we are proud of the service we provide for our customers, the Green Mountain Solar team has learned from our mistakes and taken any criticism into consideration. The podcast ends with conversations surrounding reliability and setting the right expectations amidst the supply chain issues the solar industry is currently facing.  

Tune in to learn more about Green Mountain Solar, our company culture, and our sales process!  



 —Lilly Baron 

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