Green Mountain Solar

Congratulations on making the switch to an EV! To really get the most out of your new electric car or truck, consider charging it with solar. Here are a few reasons to power your ride with the sun.


Benefits of a Solar-Powered EV Charging Station

• Keep your electric bill low. Instead of paying at the pump, you’ll now be paying your electricity bill. Rather than seeing that bill skyrocket, offset the cost with solar.

• Boost your energy independence. Electricity costs only go up. By going solar, you’re insulating yourself from future rate hikes and boosting your independence from your utility.

• Keep your energy local. What’s more local than the electricity you make at home? Much of Vermont’s electricity is imported from Canada, so this helps keep more of our dollars in-state. And when you pick a local installer, it’s a double win for our Vermont economy.


Green Mountain Solar is here to meet your renewable energy needs.

Green Mountain Solar makes your journey towards energy independence easy. No pushy salespeople or too good to be true pitches—our solar advisors are here to listen and answer your questions so that you can make an informed decision. (Interested in just the EV charger—we can do that too!) We're a vertically aligned company, meaning from start to finish we're here to help. Our team handles the design, engineering, permitting, and paperwork.


How can we help you?


Ground Mounts

Ground mounts are a great option for those who don't have an ideal roof or are looking to have more solar than the size of their roof.


Roof Mounts

Roof mounts are a popular choice for solar arrays, especially for homes with smaller yards. Roof solar will also increase the life of your roof.