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How Solar Can Help You Electrify Everything with Efficiency Vermont

Green Mountain Solar and Efficiency Vermont team up for a renewable and efficient technology webinar covering heat pumps, electric vehicle chargers, battery storage, and other ways to reduce fossil fuel dependence. Tune in to hear more!  


After 2022’s fuel and electricity rate hikes, you may be questioning how you can get out from under your dependence on fossil fuels. Our Vermont winters are harsh enough without having to worry about your monthly bills spiking!  

So, Green Mountain Solar partnered with Efficiency Vermont to bring the “Renewable and Energy Efficient Technologies for Winter” webinar to our audiences! Energy Consultant Bruce Courtot joined Solar Advisor Erik Nielsen to present on electrification and how solar can be the perfect energy source for efficient technologies. Electrifying your home and powering it with solar will remove you from dependence on fossil fuels and lock in a consistent monthly payment for all your electric needs.  

“Throughout the state of Vermont and the U.S., we are beginning to see electrification become more and more prominent,” GMS Solar Advisor Erik Nielsen elaborates. “The beauty of electrifying is that it’s flexible: A gas-powered car will always be dependent on fossil fuels. But an EV is as green as the grid is. As we continue to grow renewables, that’s only improving. And when you go solar at home too, you’re really doubling down on your impact.” 

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If you are interested in discovering more about how you can create a more efficient and renewable home, this webinar is an excellent place to start. The Green Mountain Solar team is always ready to answer any questions regarding the efficient technologies we offer, just give us a ring!  

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 —Lilly Baron 

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