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Solarize Charlotte with Green Mountain Solar

The Charlotte Energy Committee is hosting a town-wide Solarize campaign, and Green Mountain Solar is a proud partner installer. Charlotte residents won’t want to miss out on this.


The Charlotte Energy Committee is taking a major step towards the town’s goal of reaching 90% renewables by 2050. How are they going to do it? It starts with Charlotte Solarize campaign. And Green Mountain Solar is very excited to be one of the proud partners of this initiative. Here’s what you need to know. 

 What Is Solarize? 

Solarize is a grassroots effort for neighbors to band together to make solar energy a priority in the town of Charlotte. To achieve this, partnering solar companies offer discounted rates, depending on how many people in the town go solar before the deadline. Combined with the 30% federal tax credit, this makes it a great time to go Solar for the town of Charlotte!  

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What Projects Qualify? 

This initiative is eligible for homeowners and businesses in Charlotte who sign their solar contract between April 22, 2023 and October 30, 2023. An expansion of an existing Green Mountain Solar solar array or installation of a stand-along battery back-up unit are also included. 

 Green Mountain Solar offers heat pumps and EV charger installation, but only as part of a solar installation, not as a stand-alone service. The Solarize discount will apply to these services as long as it’s included in a project that would otherwise qualify (a new solar array, expanded GMS system, or battery project).  

 Service work on an existing system will not qualify. 

 Why Green Mountain Solar? 

Green Mountain Solar is a solar company based in South Burlington, Vermont. We install solar (roof- and ground-mounted) and battery backup systems for residential and commercial customers across the state. We pride ourselves on our educational, customer-first approach to solar and aim to deliver the best solar experience in Vermont. 

 “We’re excited to be partnering with GMS” Representatives from the Charlotte Energy Committee state “To help residents lower their utility bills and — importantly for the town and planet — to increase renewable energy production in Charlotte. 

The go-green campaign started with an in-person celebration at The Charlotte Public Library on Earth Day 2023. 

 This year’s official theme for Earth Day was invest in our planet. “I can’t think of a better way to embody this sentiment than with solar,” says Paul Lesure, President of Green Mountain Solar. “Solar is an investment into your energy future—and it’s one that isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for your wallet too. It’s one of the few home improvements that starts paying itself off immediately when you get your electric bill.”  

 Ready to go solar? Request your free, in-person property assessment today!  

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