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Home Battery Backup Systems

Get peace of mind with a Tesla Powerwall at your home or business!

Are you a Green Mountain Power customer?

If you are a Green Mountain Power Customer and are interested in getting a Tesla Powerwall installed at your property, then consider their Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) Program. It's a great option to reap all the benefits of battery backup, but at a significantly reduced cost. Green Mountain Solar is an installation partner for GMP and can install your Tesla Powerwall. Check out the details below and reach out to us for more details! 

  • Two Tesla Powerwall batteries installed at your home.
  • Choose between two low cost options: $5,500 upfront cost or 10 year lease for $55 a month.
  • Extend the lease to 15 years at no additional cost.

Peace of mind

Give yourself and your family peace of mind - knowing that you have backup power when bad weather hits.

Outage protection

With battery be sure that you remain powered up when the power goes out. Stay powered up for longer when you pair with solar! 

Cost savings

By installing a battery, you reduce your reliance on expensive peak-time energy from the grid. Set your battery to kick on during peak times and save!