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Peak Shaving with Utilities: Unlocking Benefits of Energy Storage

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As Vermont strives to electrify its energy usage, the demand for electricity continues to rise. However, this increase in demand has led to grid peaks, which have negative implications for the environment and economy. Grid peaks result in energy waste, higher costs, and reliance on fossil fuel power plants. To drive sustainable energy use, peak shaving is crucial for creating a stronger and more dependable grid.

Understanding Grid Peaks:

A grid peak refers to the time when electricity demand reaches its highest point. Typically occurring in the early evening, as people return home and switch on lights, appliances, and electronics, these peaks put immense strain on the power grid. This strain leads to wasteful energy practices, increased energy costs, and the need for additional power sources.

The Negative Impacts of Grid Peaks:

Grid peaks carry several detrimental effects on our environment and economy. To meet the demand during peak periods, power plants often resort to generating electricity from fossil fuels, resulting in elevated greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Furthermore, utilities must purchase electricity from the wholesale market at higher prices during peak hours, increasing costs for both them and consumers. These adverse economic and environmental consequences can be avoided with peak shaving.

Understanding Peak Shaving:

Peak shaving is the practice of reducing electricity consumption during peak demand periods. By utilizing energy storage solutions like Tesla Powerwall, excess energy can be stored during off-peak hours and utilized during peak periods to alleviate pressure on the grid. This practice minimizes the need for additional power sources, ensuring a more stable and reliable grid. Additionally, peak shaving brings financial and environmental benefits.

The Benefits of Peak Shaving:

  1. Financial Benefits: Peak shaving decreases energy costs by avoiding expensive wholesale energy purchases. Utility companies can avoid investing in costly infrastructure to meet peak demand. Furthermore, customers can sell excess energy back to the grid, lowering their overall energy expenses.
  2. Environmental Benefits: By decreasing energy consumption during peak periods, the use of additional fossil fuel power plants can be avoided. Peak shaving solutions like Tesla Powerwall store renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions during high-demand hours.
  3. Enhanced Grid Reliability: Peak shaving enhances the reliability of the power grid by reducing the strain during periods of high demand. Utilities can better manage energy demand, decreasing the likelihood of power outages.

How Green Mountain Solar Can Help:

Green Mountain Solar is dedicated to assisting customers in adopting energy storage solutions like Tesla Powerwall. By installing Tesla Powerwall, customers gain control over their energy usage, reduce their carbon footprint, and enhance energy resilience for their homes or businesses. Tesla Powerwall is a reliable and user-friendly solution that can power an entire home during outages, mitigating potential losses from blackouts.

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We also collaborate with various utility programs that offer incentives for energy storage adoption.


Under this ESS program, customers can have two Tesla Powerwall batteries installed at their homes, owned by GMP and leased back to the customer, for a low monthly payment of $55 and a one-time cost of $5,500. These batteries ensure that participating homes stay powered up even during grid outages, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted convenience.


The BYOD program was designed together with Renewable Energy Vermont. GMP customers can choose the amount of energy to enroll, and then get enhanced incentives, paid upfront by GMP. These incentive payments are the most generous of any utility in the country. Enrolled customers save money, and help other GMP customers save, too!


VEC offers incentives to members willing to allow VEC to use their home battery a limited number of times per year when VEC anticipates peak demand. Members receive a monthly bill credit, or they can opt for an upfront payment and lower monthly bill credit. 

In conclusion, peak shaving is an essential practice for establishing a more reliable and sustainable energy system in Vermont. Green Mountain Solar can help customers embrace energy storage solutions like Tesla Powerwall, providing financial, environmental, and grid reliability benefits for all of Vermont. Peak shaving is a win-win solution that benefits both customers and the wider community, enabling a more sustainable and resilient future.

Interested in learning more about energy storage systems? Contact us today. 

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