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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Solar Journey with An In-Person Site Visit

Thinking about going solar? Starting the process of going solar can be intimidating as there is a lot to consider before taking the leap! You may hear solar companies urging you towards a quick sale, pushing messages such as, Get a quick quote right now, or, Get a quote in under 60 Seconds, and, Sign-up now to lock in your price. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by all the quick sale marketing tactics! 


Receiving a quick quote may seem ideal, but too often quick quotes result in missed details which cause challenges down the line. It is in everyone's best interest to go with a company that pays attention to the details from the beginning. Choosing the right solar company ensures your system's quality and longevity, and it all starts with an in-person site visit.  

Green Mountain Solar President, Paul Lesure states, “Solar can add a lot of value to your home, but just like every other home improvement you want to make sure your project is perfectly tailored to your specific needs and home.” Paul adds, “We all offer solar systems, but it is the final installed product and a company’s attention to detail that makes the difference.”   

It is important that your solar journey is fine-tuned to your specific needs from beginning to end. That's why we've created a list of 3 reasons why an in-person site visit is the most important step when deciding to go solar.  

1. One-on-one time with experts  

It is your investment and we are here to consult you along the way! An in-person site visit gives you the opportunity to speak directly to your solar experts on-site and ask questions in real-time.  It also allows solar experts to advise you on areas that might not come up during a remote call, for example, if there was an important electrical consideration, such as conduit and solar equipment location.  

Joining you for an in-person visit at your home means our experts have a full view of your property and can tailor recommendations to fit your functional and aesthetic solar needs. 

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2. Inspection and permitting   

Most solar companies use remote technologies, such as Google Maps, to initially assess if your property is suitable for solar. However, remote technologies never tell the whole story, as maps are not always up-to-date and can miss key details. Solar experts prefer to come on-site to assess and share your options for roof and ground-mounted solar. They will advise you on whether your current roof is viable for solar panels, and if not, they will connect you with a roofer to get your roof ready to go solar. 

Many towns in Vermont require additional permitting to ensure your site can withstand a roof-mounted solar array. There are nuances from town to town, so having an expert there to cover these points is important to ensure your solar project is not delayed.  

All these factors are better considered together with you, taking a clear look at your roof, property, and town location from the start. 

3. Estimated production and size calculations  

Your annual electric bill allows solar companies to estimate how large your solar system should be; however, this will only be a ballpark figure. It is important for us to come on-site to discuss your future energy consumption needs, to ensure your system is effectively sized.  

Once on-site, we can measure your solar access with a tool called SunEye. With a few quick snapshots of the sky, the tool can calculate your sun exposure across the year and give an estimated annual solar production rate. The closer to 100% the better, but your solar advisor will inform you on what coverage rate makes sense based on your usage needs. From these readings, your solar advisor can also inform you of any potential considerations, such as tree shading and distances from boundary lines, to make sure you're making the best decision for your home.   

All of these are steps we suggest you take before making the decision to go solar. At Green Mountain Solar, we want to ensure you are getting an appropriately sized system and product for your lifestyle!  

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Make sure the solar company you choose does its due diligence to ensure the quality and longevity of your solar home improvement project. An in-person site visit is the right way to start your solar journey and ensures you are getting the best for your investment.  

Ready to explore the first step? Call us today and sign up for a free in-person site visit! 

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