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Green Mountain Solar Joins Program to Install Smart Panels

Span Smart Panel

Green Mountain Solar is excited to be part of Green Mountain Power's (GMP) new pilot program to install Span Smart Panels for Vermonters, replacing traditional electric panels (meaning the breaker box in your home, not solar panels). These electric panels give homeowners greater visibility of where electricity gets used in their home and greater control over how it gets used, too.

GMP is the first utility in the country to work with Span to offer this smart panel.

“We’re so glad to work with customers and this new technology in partnership with GMP. We are all about helping customers control and optimize their use of energy and that’s what this panel can do. It is great that GMP is being forward-thinking and offering this, as Vermont continues to lead the way on innovation,” said Paul Lesure, President of Green Mountain Solar.

Benefits of the smart panel include smarter distribution of energy from a backup battery during a power outage, increased visibility of where power is being used in the home, and even smart control of high-energy appliances during peak energy use (when electricity is at its most expensive, and typically has a higher carbon footprint).

Green Mountain Solar hopes this program will allow us to offer the SPAN to other customers who have a different utility or prefer to own their SPAN outright.

Read the full press release at GMP's website.

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