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Common Questions About Green Mountain Power's ESS Program

FullSizeREnergy Storage Solutions (ESS) provide homeowners with reliable back-up energy in case of outages and can help utilities access clean energy during peak times of usage. Green Mountain Power is making energy storage systems, specifically Tesla Powerwalls, easily accessible to Vermonters through their ESS program. Keep reading to learn how it works, the benefits of leasing your Powerwalls, and how to apply.

How does the ESS program work?

Through the ESS Lease Program, you can lease two Tesla Powerwalls from GMP for ten years. When the lease ends, you have the option to extend it or return the batteries.

While you’re leasing your batteries, you agree to allow GMP access to your stored energy during peak times of usage. This means that when a lot of power is in demand, the utility can take a percentage of energy from your battery to send to the grid. During peak energy times, energy can be more expensive and dirtier. Using clean energy from batteries can help offset the environmental and monetary costs of peak energy times.

How much does it cost to lease batteries from GMP?

You can pay an upfront cost of $5,500 or a monthly cost of $55.00. The customer can choose which options works best for them.

Why lease instead of buy?

There are pros and cons to leasing vs buying that should be considered. When you purchase your own battery, you own your own power, which allows for greater energy independence and control, but that comes with a higher price tag. The ESS battery lease on the other hand is a more affordable alternative to consider. Leasing your batteries also allows you to try them out before you commit to the larger upfront investment that comes with buying a battery.

How do I sign up for the ESS Program?

You can simply fill out a consultation request form on our website letting us know you’re interested in the program. We’ll contact you and send you the application. Once you’ve applied, our team will set up a free site-visit to learn more about your energy needs and determine if the program is a good fit for you. If you’re accepted to the program, we’ll come by to install your batteries. It’s that simple!

To ensure your home always has reliable energy, plus to help provide your community with cleaner and cheaper energy, consider adding batteries to your solar system. Through the GMP ESS Lease Program, you can achieve your energy goals without a hefty price tag. Our team can help answer any questions you have! Get in touch to get started on your ESS journey.

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