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Green Mountain Solar to Partner with EV Dealerships for Car Chargers


Paul w EV ChargerPresident of Green Mountain Solar, Paul Lesure, with an EV charger at Bokan Automotive.

Green Mountain Solar recognizes the demand for EVs in Vermont. We’re not in the car sales business, but we are in the business of supporting local partners that share our overarching goals: customer satisfaction and a smooth transition to electrification. Green Mountain Solar is an EV charger installer and is partnering with trusted dealerships in Vermont to make it easier for Vermonters to charge up and go.

As a local company, we want to help build the infrastructure that electric vehicles need as they become more common. Electric cars have been rapidly rising in popularity throughout Vermont and it's important that as that trend continues to grow, the demand for EV charging stations is met. 

We know that you care about your customers' satisfaction and want a trusted partner that you can refer your clients to for their EV charger installation. Our team is also dedicated to providing a positive customer experience—it’s how we have earned 4.9 stars on google with over 100 reviews—and will bring the same level of detail and care to your EV customers.  

We value partnerships in our community—after all, there is no place quite like Vermont and we want to be a supportive resource for car dealerships offering EV options.  

If you have any questions or want to get a partnership started, reach out to Julia Westbrook for more information:

See our video below produced by Bokan Automotive Group for an example of what this partnership could look like for you.


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